Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fresh Snow

I am actually very happy to wake up to a fresh blanket of snow. It is just so lovely and in my opinion, if it is going to be cold there might as well be some snow. Also, in the Midwest, the reality of Spring is a reality of grey and mud and the uncovering of everything that was never put away in the fall. It can be ugly. And right now it is sparkly and beautiful instead. I love it.

Today is my due date today. I am still pregnant. The baby feels very low but does not feel like he is coming out. Hmmmhhh. I would like to meet him soon so I hope that he makes an appearance soon. We have been having a lot of nice family time and I have been feebly trying to tie up loose ends before baby. This has been much more challenging than one would think as my normally mushy mama brain is totally and utterly spacey. Which could be considered a really good sign of readiness, but is not so helpful when you are trying to organize yourself a bit. I did manage to complete my portion of our taxes, and now I am on to nagging the other half. What I am stalled on now is putting together the flyer for Christina's workshop in June. A mere 4 months from now! I am also trying to organize classes and the studio for my return.

I am desperately missing teaching and the regularity of my practice. Even though I am really treasuring this time at home and without the usual structure of my personal schedule, I will be excited to create a new structure once the time is right.

I spend a good deal of my space out time (which is vast) scheming about what I hope to participate in this year. Check out Christina's blog for a look at some pictures of the final phase of the immersion that she taught with Darren Rhodes in Tucson. This is definitely in my radar for 2009. There are also some very compelling events taking place in the region in the Iyengar community, which is always utterly attractive to me when I am craving some more structure and discipline in my practice. Yum. At any rate, it is going to be a fabulous year in oh so many ways.

So, I will have a babe soon. Any day. Any minute.

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