Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here we go

So amazing that it is still dark at 7 am… I am enjoying a cup of tea and gearing up to go and teach the 8:30 mixed level class. Ever since the new year we have really been working steadily with the theme of cultivating will. This has been very powerful (for myself at any rate) in generating the focus and passion that is necessary in even beginning to consider making progress in the practice. How cool and exciting is that? Not just that yoga feels great and you feel open and enlivened after class but you are actually going somewhere. Which is not to say that yoga is not all about the journey, it is after all called Practice. But when we talk about getting somewhere, what that really means to me is that every time I step onto my mat and generate any sort of intention, I am making progress in the direction of actually being able to sustain a conscious connection to my own self worth. That is the fruit. And it is so cool in my mind at any rate that we can cultivate that, even have this conversation, through the dedicated practice of asana (and several other practices ofcourse…). I really like the notion that the deeper the backbend gets, the deeper I can penetrate my own heart.

So we are certainly starting the year off well at Align with Nature in our sweet little town Viroqua, Wisconsin. We have a big year ahead of us: moving in to a larger studio; hosting some great teachers for workshops; and some folks are even beginning to contemplate enrolling for Anusara Immersions/ Teacher Trainings. Ali Certain hosted Desiree Rumbaugh (really one of my first and still favorite Anusara Yoga teachers) in St. Paul and a whole big group from Viroqua ventured up for various parts of the weekend. Paula was there all day on Friday, Jessica, Kae, Kristina, and Shelia K. were up Friday night through all day Saturday, and Bill joined us on Saturday. The weekend was really amazing on so many levels. Not the least of which that folks here realized that I am not actually crazy and that people are practicing this way all over the world. Everyone had such a good time and took their experience to a new level (Shelia’s awesome Urdhva Dhanurasana demo!). And really, I could not have gotten any more support in the generating will theme than Desiree provided.

So folks, we have entered the blogasphere… I hope that this will serve us wel. Thats it for this morning.

Love, Meg

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