Monday, August 25, 2008

Almost Fall

Wow, so this is the last week of summer classes and then we are on to the fall schedule. I have been totally out of commission this summer, and glad to have only been teaching once a week. In fact, I am only just now gradually crawling back onto my own mat. I do have a great reason however. I am pregnant with #2, and much like with Maple, I have been overtaken with pretty amazing nausea. And a headache. Thats new. It is a little different the second time around because there is not the opportunity for rest that there is with #1. That is pretty rough. So I have pretty much been using any time that I do have for oh so precious sleep.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will update the schedule for fall. But here it is for now:

Monday: 6-7:30pm mixed level

Wednesday: 9-10:30am level 1 continuing

Thursday: 9-11am open studio practice

So this is radically different, but I am happy to have as much to offer as this. Chris is on the road now for his new job and I am still working out childcare for some of the times, but this is what it looks like. I am really quite excited about it. My intention for this year is really strong and is basically this: to teach really solid Anusara classes (I am doubly excited about this because I am going to the level 2 teacher training in Boston with John, and I am working more closely with a mentor), and I am really clear on wanting to progress peoples practices- I am thinking really about those of you who have been in class for a year or two now and who are planning on coming to class more than once a week.

Which brings up another point. There is no Basics class on the fall schedule. This is for a variety of reasons but really, most folks that want to come to a Basics class are really fine to come to a mixed level class or even the level 1 continuing if they have some prior yoga experience. Just be prepared to work a little bit harder. Fun. The only folks who I ever see in Basics who this would not work for are the elderly or those with any major physical limitation (i.e. ” I am fine, really, oh and by the way I have a 6 inch iron rod in my back” you catch my meaning). These folks should be seeing me privately anyway. Everyone would be better served.

The other major difference on the fall schedule is the open studio days on Thursdays. I am super psyched about this, because not only do I get an opportunity to practice, but those of you interested in building a home practice have the opportunity to work by yourself or in groups in a supported environment with someone on hand to answer questions. Great! And it is a great opportunity to work on the poses that challenge you and build some group momentum. Darren Rhodes in Tucson has an open studio three times a wee, and that was really where I learned How to practice. It is really an opportunity to go into the laboratory of your practice and dive in.

So, hope to see you all soon.. Check back often. I promise to be more diligent in the ol’ blogesphere.

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