Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Session: July 8th

So the summer session started up last week. We are running just the Thursday morning class for the summer. We could not quite get the numbers that we needed for the Monday afternoon class, but we have a great, very dedicated group on Thursday mornings so it should be great. In the fall the class offerings will be back up to 3 or 4 but for the summer the leaner schedule is nice. In the flow. It is very hard to get Wisconsinites to commit to spending any part of the warm weather indoors on a regular basis.

This summer we have the opportunity to be a little bit of a focus group, which is very fun for me (hopefully the class too…). We are going to be looking at the 6 attributes of the Supreme as John Friend lays them out in Anusara Yoga philosophy. This is great because it is specific to our method but also is so universal that everyone can really relate to each attribute on a personal level. Last week was Essential Goodness, which in my mind is such a good place to start as it is so aligned with the 1st principle: Open to Grace. We begin by simply remembering that the essential nature of life is one of goodness, that there is a Divine order or flow that we are all a part of. This week we will talk about Chit, Consciousness or Knowing. We will get more into it in class, and probably after in another blog post.

Another approach that we are taking is to ask more questions and take time for deeper answers. I love teaching like this because it is so fun to see what people have questions about, even if it is a curiosity about a specific pose or the relationship between certain poses. Fun. Also, I just really love when people gain a deeper understanding of the yoga. Anusara is a system, and at first it really takes a lot of mental energy to engage with that system. But after awhile, it really does become cellular and peoples understanding becomes more graceful and eloquent and less effortful.

OK. That it for now. See you soon.

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