Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Post Weekend Workshop: June 24

So, it is my post weekend workshop with Christina Sell resolution to post more on this blog. Yippie. Things are in super fast change mode around these parts, but all of that is very fun and very worth sharing about.

The weekend was amazing! We had an intimate group, 12-15 people per session, so everybody received a ton of personal attention. Christina is just such a brilliant teacher, in my opinion, really one of the best. She does such a skillful job of leading people through a lot of yoga AND also getting a lot of teaching done concurrently. Does not always happen like that. We focused a lot on the difference between pelvic loop and outer spiral and did some great work really deeply rotating the leg in the socket and taking it all the way down to the foot. This led to some great, deep hip openers, hanumanasana and some fun arm balances. She also taught so clearly on the difference between opening the shoulders separate from the upper back, really fun hard work that we will be focusing on more in class in the weeks to come. There were also so many wonderful anecdotal little pieces that she shared throughout the weekend, little quotes that would spontaneously occur to her that really served to deepen everyones understanding of the yoga, from the UPA’s to the Grand Purpose.

My friend and fellow inspired teacher Tammy,from Port Washington, Wisconsin made the trip with a few of her students and that was great. She is such a light and so it was so fun for me to have her meet Christina, who I also adore. It was amazing to realize that I have been practicing with Christina for about 9 years and there is just such a wonderful depth to our relationship. She is forever my teacher, my mentor, and my dear, dear friend. We were able to spend a bunch of great time together, even had 2 fantastic practices together, which is really my favorite way to spend time with her. She is absolutely my favorite person to practice with! What a treat to not have to fly across the country to so it! (Well, that is not entirely true, as she actually had to fly across the country…)

At any rate, she will be coming back at the end of April 2009 to do another weekend workshop with us, and hopefully sometime in November as well. It is just so awesome to have my favorite teacher teach my students! I really saw it this morning in class. Pretty much everyone that had been there this weekend was in class this morning and to see how everyone has shifted already… very cool.

Summer session starts up next week, Monday 3:30-5 and Thursday 9-10:30. Again the classes are not going to run this session with less than 10 people, so be sure to sign up. I will know for sure on Thursday how it is looking and let folks know at that point. Also, I am hoping to teach a workshop toward the end of the summer, just a 3 hour deal on how to create a home practice. Should be great.

OK. That’s it for now. Go check out Christina’s blog!


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