Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13th

Maybe I will get into the habit of putting up the date until we are in the new format so that we can at least have a sense of how far apart these entries actually are…

So, the workshop is in 1 week. Holy Cow! We have an official venue and that is Carol Anne Kemen’s studio, actually down the hall from my own in the Landmark Building, 500 e jefferson street, viroqua, wis 54665. So the motto must be better late than never as registration forms are finally beginning to come in and it is looking like we will have a nice size group.

Also, registration is open for the summer session, running june30th through the end of august, 8 weeks with one week off. There will be a level2 class on Monday afternoons from 3:30-5pm and a level 1 class Thursday mornings from 9-10:30am. There is a 10 person minimum per class so please, sign up soon! It would really be sad to not have a class run!

I hope to post again over the weekend about recent themes etc… For now, I am off to enjoy the sunshine.


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