Wednesday, April 8, 2009

few and far between

Wow. Rough week at the Newlin house. We have entered a new phase and I cannot say that it is awesome. Eider has started having a harder time falling asleep (read: more crying) and this in turn sets Maple off and she gets loud and crabby which makes it harder for Eider to fall asleep or stay asleep and then Maple becomes more upset and it just goes on and on. And I was solo for a few days. Awesome. I finally sent Maple off for a few hours today so that she could have some much needed fun and Eider could have some much needed sleep. And now papa is home. ahhhhh....

Anyway. Is this a yoga blog or what?

I am going to be updating the website in the next few weeks so check it out. On there you will find the pdf for Christina Sell's workshop to be held in Viroqua in June. Can't wait. Really.

Last Sunday I did an amazing forward fold heavy practice with Kathy Doerfer. It was great. I love practicing with Kathy. She is such a dedicated practitioner and is very skilled at tuning in to herself. It was fun. I am really not in condition. I am making valiant attempts at regaining some strength but it is pretty challenging when I only make it onto my mat 2x a week. Alas. I was imploding after 2 1/2 minutes in Sirsasana. Wow. Onward we go. I am learning a lot.

This Friday is good friday and we are still having class. Because class is good. That is all there is to it. Less talk, more asana. Sunday is Easter, and there will not be a practice. Easter egg hunt for 3 year old trumps Mom's yoga gig. Go figure. I will however, be making it in to the studio for a practice at some point over the weekend I just have to confer with Chris about when that will be. Same deal, 2 hours, led format. I will post with details for that tomorrow.

Until then, goodnight. Everything in life changes. Enjoy it all. Even the muck.

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