Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another update

I am on the upswing after what was really a very horrific experience. My much belated apologies to any mother who once told me that she had mastitis and to whom I smiled and nodded sympathetically without understanding the full gravity of their condition. I am so sorry. Again. Wow. But thanks to the support and suggestions from many folks in the area I am feeling almost as good as new. Almost. I hope to make it in to practice tomorrow with my little audience of one (this is an entry for a later date, because oh, there is so much to say).

I was thinking today about why I have not been writing for awhile. I have really not been contemplating anything deep or anything that I thought has been worth sharing. Chalking it up to baby brain. But today I realized that what is really happening is that I have been deeply captivated by the simplest parts of my day. The way the wind blows the maple buds directly onto my porch, the way sod slumps when it is in a roll, how spry goats are when chicken are not sitting on their backs, my three year olds dream sharing, a simple and delicious recipe, the standing pose sequence in the primary series, the breath, how soft children look in sleep. And then I realized that these are all such comforting and lovely things to let my thoughts go to and that really aren't they in some ways where I am trying to get when I am working through different contemplations?

So that is that. Spring is here and I am full of glee. My girl is sleeping in a fairy dress and I am loving holding young ones and then breathing and stretching my body. How lovely. It occurs to me that if we ever want to dip into the sensuous we should read what someone who loves food or nature has written about it. It is full of bliss. Just the experience. Not the directions toward the experience. Yum. Anyhow.

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Radha Crawley, LMT, Ayurvedic Educator and Ayurvedic Bodyworker said...

ahhh, yes profoundness in the simple. So much love to you and glad you are feeling better. I had Mastitis with jasmine... it was bad. I had no idea what it was, went to the ER and they had no clue either. New mama, didn't even ask me if I was nursing. duH!
I am enjoying the green creeping into everything in the garden... ahhh. Spring Bliss