Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last Call

So, tomorrow morning is the final horah at the warehouse. It has been fun to be there over the summer. Love you Val. And, contrary to my last entry, I am going to offer something at Tapestry Yoga for the fall session. I will keep the Sunday Led Practice going so that nobody thinks that I have disappeared completely into the arms of motherhood. It will run from 7 am until 8:45 and will be a fun time to get together and do a structured led practice. We will work on all class of poses and have an opportunity to go a little deeper than we might in classes. I am also going to offer an inversion workshop on a Sunday in November. Should be great. I love teaching inversions and really can't wait.

But for now. Tomorrow I am thinking that we are going to do a lot of hips and thigh openings and then work on some lotus variations. Why not. Seems like an auspicious way to end the summer. I hope folks can join me, otherwise I will see you later in the month back in the Landmark.

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