Friday, April 11, 2008

Week Overview

OOps, I found the other post right before I wrote this. Sorry for the repeat!

Looks like I just deleted my last post, which detailed the themes of the week, along with Tuesdays class. I also wrote about Pancha Karma, which I am on day 6 of. I hope to rewrite some of this, but for now I am just going to put up the sequences from all 3 classes.

We worked with the Balance of Muscular and Organic Energy, and the Yama Satya, or truthfulness. Again, I hope to write more on this soon. I am headed to Milwaukee for PK treatments today so we shall see.

Tuesday, Level 2:

3 Surya Namaskars, with lunge variations

Downward Dog

L pose at the wall

Virabadrasana 3 (legs at the wall)

Utthitta hasta Padangustasana (at the wall)

Vira 3 to Ardha Chandrasana (at the wall)



Anjaneyasana (2x)

Pigeon thigh stretch

Bhujangasana (2-3x)

Childs Pose

Bharadvajasna 1


Wednesday Night Basics:


Urdhva Hastasana


Lunges at the wall, holding a block with the knee (2x)

Lunge with heel at the wall

Parvakonasana (back heel at the wall)

Parvakonasana (one foot on a slippy blanket)




Sukhasana (folding forward and twisting)

Supta Padangustasana


Thursday Morning Level1:

3 Surya Namasakars

Tadasana, Uttanasana, Down Dog (all with a block between the shins)

Down Dog (with hands on a blanket, then feet)

Cobra (with a block b/t the legs

Lunge (with a block at the knee at the wall) 2x

Lunge with the heel at the wall

Uttkatasana with a block


Anjaneyasana (2x)

Eka pada Bhekasana


Setu Bandha (block b/t the shins, thighs)

Setu Bandha with a partner holding thighs

Baddha Konasana

Janu Sirsasana (2x)


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