Saturday, September 20, 2008


So- I have slipped below the nausea curtain again…. I am feeling a bit better today but the last 2 days have really been something. It is a little dispiriting to be feeling better after such a great while and then to really not feel so well again. I think in part that I am getting used to our families new schedule and figuring out how to be on my own with Maple for a few days. Also, I am probably doing the typical thing for me really, which is to completely overextend myself and believe that I can get more done than is really realistic. Not wise when you are an 18 week pregnant lady with a 2 1/2 year old very busy girl and a husband on the road. Not wise at all. I have been practicing more which is lovely, but for which I have very very little endurance. I seem to be getting disproportionately sore for what I am doing. I cannot remember if this was the case last time or not. It is however, fantastic to be on my mat and moving and breathing in this changing body. It also feels like some very special time for just me and the new baby, the littlest Newlin. I felt that with Maple too. When I was immersed in my practice and the amazingly unique form that it takes for 9 months, it just felt like this very tender, sweet thing that we were doing together. And now she is a little girl who is very much in her body, loves yoga and loves inventing her own poses. I am actually at my mom’s right now down in Milwaukee. A friend of mine from high school is having a baby shower tonight. It should be pretty fun and a nice chance to catch up with some folks. Mostly it is very exciting that Becca is having a baby, a strong and healthy boy, after years of trying so hard to invite his little spirit in. The evening should be a bit different from the blessing ways up in Viroqua. The whole event has given me the chance to stop in at my favorite childrens store ever, Bark River Kids, which is conveniently located just around the corner from my Mom’s yarn shop, the Knitch. I love that place so much and so does Maple. In fact she has already learning how to best angle for something. ”This baby really needs me to take care of her…I need this for my baby….This jacket would fit Maple” and so on. I also have to do a little shopping myself as I am outgrowing all of my clothes. Mostly, though, I need to still find a dress for my brother-in-laws (black tie) wedding. Huh huh, no pressure. Chris is in a fabulous tux, Maple is dashing of course, and I am trying to just not looked beached. I think that it will be OK, hopefully I will find something today. On to the week in class…. Chris suggested that I need to be a little bit more personal in the blog so here was my first attempt. Classes were great. More people are wandering back in. We worked a lot on deepening the groins in both classes making some really great attempts toward hanumanasana on Wednesday morning. It would be great to see some more folks on Thursday mornings so that we can really get some good practices going. Ok, love to everyone.

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