Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Solstice Weekend Workshop with Christina Sell

It is here folks. Really the yoga event of the year here in Viroqua. Really the yoga event of the year in Wisconsin in my opinion, but that is another story. We have a great and a varied group of people signed up for various sessions throughout the weekend. And, of course, it is not to late to register. Not at all.

I myself am very excited. In fact, I have seen a number of folks around town who appear to actually be vibrating with excitement. And not the ungrounded, up, outside of myself excitement at all. It is more along the lines of really knowing deeply that I and quite a number of my community members are going to be participating in a weekend experience that has the primary intent of connecting us each more deeply to our own greatness, our own potential and the grace that abides in each of our own hearts. That sounds like magic to me. And I know that I keep on saying how great that it is happening right here in our very own town, but it is and this is why. When you go away to a yoga workshop you have an experience that is deep and magical and trans formative on many levels. And then you go home and there can be a little bit of shock and let down that everything is exactly the same as how you left it. You had this experience out of the context of your everyday life and transforming your life to support such an experience can be hard to do once you are back in your life. You may feel at a real loss. (Not that going away for workshops or retreats are in any way bad. They are not. They are wonderful and something that I myself love and always look forward to. But there is always a great deal of reintegration involved upon return home). On the other hand, being IN the context of your own life and participating in something as potent as a weekend with a master yoga teacher is a real gift. Not just for all of the logistical reasons but really for the the fact that we get to really practice being our best selves and recognizing that in ourselves and one another in the the flow of our life. This is at the heart of cultivating a functional discipline toward our practice and in fostering sangha, when you are rolling out your mat next to the person whose house you bike by everyday.

So the weekend will be great. The longest days of the year are here and what better way to honor such fullness than 3 days of yoga. Can't wait.

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