Thursday, June 11, 2009

wow what a week

And so it was. And so it is.

I have really been all over the place as this week started out a little bit backward around here. Chris was home Monday and Tuesday as I had some medical concerns that we had to address early in the week. And then was ordered to rest from said concerns and then Chris hit the road on Wednesday. Very odd for us.

I have recently started to take advantage of the light in the early morning to get up and enjoy some personal ritual. It has been awhile. It looks like this: wake up, neti, nasya, tea, meditation and then maybe a few poses before Maple inevitably comes padding out and we do all of her morning rituals. This has been great, save the fact that Maple is on to me and is waking up about 10 minutes earlier every day... The little rascal! Foiled!

But this is my theme right now. Do whatever I can, whenever I can, to attend to my well being. And even when it does not work out exactly like I had hoped, there is still just the beauty of maintaining that intention for myself. I am having some very interesting and seemingly powerful things up for myself lately: I have made a return to therapy after quite a few years, I have dove back in to my meditation practice, and I have started to look at some things in my life through new eyes, taking some bold steps toward allowing my own perspective of me to shift. Wow. So it is good. Ultimately good.

And I am gearing up for the workshop. I am so delighted to host Christina again. In one week. Believe it or not! We have a great group of people signed up and even more to come.

We will not be having class tomorrow as Chris is away. But Sunday is on. 6:30. It is amazing to do a full practice at that time of day. Perfect for summer.

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