Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Yoga

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a week since the workshop and I am just now getting to this blog. In fact, I really did not want to write anything but Chris is essentially making me. And besides, I am waiting for the granola that I am making to be done, so here I am.

It is hot around here and I am getting into the swing of summer and all of the things that I love: Swimming holes, long days, eating straight from the garden, riding bikes, squirting kids with hoses and early morning practices.

Ah, that is a good one and I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning. 6:30 am. Can't wait actually. I am thinking that I want to unearth an old sequence that is standing poses and arm balances all intertwined. Sounds fun to me. I have also been thinking about asking the folks that come to practice to sit with a contemplation during the week and I will post about it here and this could also serve as a place for people share any reflections, insights and such. I have not quite gotten that together but the intention is definitely out there for me.

It came up because I began thinking about how potent a weekend workshop is and how when something comes up after such an experience it is of real value to contemplate it and even journal about it in order to aid in the digesting of the experience. I really think that it is sometimes even the seemingly unrelated stuff that presents itself following a workshop that might actually hold the most juice for us when we take a closer look and consider it through the lens of the Yoga.

I have heard a number of different things directly and indirectly about the varying experiences that people had over the weekend and afterward. I find this very exciting and am really wanting to support people in their individual processes as much as I can. It is my belief that any deep experience of the heart (even ones that we may not even see as such. But believe me when you are in a room with someone who has generated a lot of Shakti, you are going to be affected), is going to trigger all sorts of mechanisms in the mind as it tries to regain primary control.

This is interesting to me and always has been. It is how we begin to cultivate the witness and also how we generate a deeper capacity toward Satya within our very selves. I would love to hold the space for folks to journal about this, contemplate, reflect.

There is much more I could say about the weekend directly, but that will have to wait for another time. My granola is done. See you in the morning.

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