Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Transitions

I spent a short period this morning moving out of my studio in the Landmark Center. I will move the final little odds and ends out later today and tomorrow. It took surprisingly little time (with the help of Jess, Chris, and Maple) and it just goes to show that the content of the place was indeed quite minimal compared to the context. In some ways I am very sad about moving out but I am actually trying not to think about it too much and just ride the larger flow in which this choice is clearly a part of. A bit strange.

Especially because I am coming back into my own practice and rhythm with yoga for the first time in a year. Embrace the paradox. In some ways it is just a gesture to bring my practice back into myself and make that the primary flow right now. I have so much more to offer in terms of teaching yoga when I have attended to myself. Go figure.

So, in a very informal way we will be practicing early in the morning on Fridays and Sundays over at the Warehouse. Suggested donation on $10. Jessica is being utterly awesome as usual and letting us keep a few props in her space. I am not sure how we will orchestrate that yet, but I guess that we will see tomorrow.

As for what is on the agenda tomorrow, I can't quite tell yet. I am thinking that I want to do a whole bunch of standing poses but I am also feeling a nice full spectrum practice coming on. We shall see.

Something that I have been mulling over for awhile now is how I can support folks in their practices the rest of the week. And I think that essentially I will just offer what I am offering to myself. I am making the effort right now to get on my mat at least 5 days every week. This is including the group practices. The days at home I can really only have 45 minutes, but I make those 45 minutes really count. I use a timer and I have the sequence laid out before I begin and I make every minute count. Christina gave me an alternating backbend and forward fold sequence that we have dubbed "Meg's 45 minute survival practice" and it really works. And then at some other point during the day when I am alone I spend at least 10 minutes on a focused meditation. (I will offer more on that as it unfolds for me more.)

This is what I am thinking of for you. Over the weekend I will put together a 45 minute sequence with each minute accounted for. And you can print it out and there you go. If you make it to practice on both days, then all that you have to do is roll out your mat at home 3 times. And give yourself 45 minutes. How amazing is that. And trust me on this. It works! This will put you into your practice in a way that 2 times a week simply will not.

So check for it on Sundays. This will be sweet.

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