Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Practice Friday

Sadly. I am flying solo this week and cannot make it in tomorrow. But hopefully everyone is having a great time practicing at home or with friends. I have been having a great time in my home practice which is wonderful. It is like reconnecting with an old friend. Or coming home. Both I suppose.
So, this Sunday is our last time to get together this month and then it is August. I am still really hoping that folks will get together to practice in my absence. I think that it is great to practice at home (of course!) but there is really something different that happens when we practice with community. We lift each other up and ask a little bit more of ourselves. And we are asked to reveal something at once tender and powerful in ourselves. Yes, in my opinion, practice with community, practice in good company, is essential.
So get together!
For now, plan on Sunday morning. i will not forget my timer this week and I think that it will be a real duzy.

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