Thursday, August 6, 2009

not quite back from vacation...

So, while I am back in town, I am not quite back in town.

I ran in to Valorie at the co-op and she reminded me that blog is far from up-to-date, and alas, she is correct. So here I am. Updating.

We are on for early morning practice for all of August. Every Friday and every Sunday. It is going to be great and it is also going to be hard. Why? Because we need it to be. Plain and Simple. It will be fun. Plan on a lot of standing poses tomorrow moving toward some deep hip and backbend work.

I am taking down my website, which is very exciting news for me. And I hope to re do the blog in the up and coming future. Just freshen things up and get a new perspective. Something that is representative of where I am headed as a practitioner and where we are headed as a yoga community. It really is about time.

Lots of folks have been asking me what will be happening in the fall and the truth is that right now, I really do not know. I haven't committed to anything, but I am also still hoping to find a space to host 2 practices as week. We shall see what happens.

The main thing, as always, is that we continue to get on our mat and remember that our essential nature is goodness.


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