Friday, July 10, 2009

Missin' this morning

I too missed this mornings practice! So sad! Please always check here to see whether class is happening. I always try to put it up here well in advance if class is not happening, this way I can avoid making phone calls or emailing folks. Just check here.

Chris' travel schedule is a little different right now and that in conjunction with our summer vacation make for a very inconsistent schedule. Shucks.

But this is what I think. I think that you all should still meet for practice anyway. Valorie has made the space available and it might as well be used for yoga. There could still be a $10 donation to go to the space and whoever it is that is leading the practice. I can even help you out on sequences. This sounds like a very empowering opportunity to me and I would love to do whatever I can to make it happen. Because really, I looked at the month of July and I couldn't teach today, I can't next Friday and then my family is gone until the beginning of August. So that means just this Sunday and next Sunday are happening unless someone else decides to take the plunge and lead the practice.

Like I said, I would be psyched to help this to happen. Everyone could just do one day (there are 5 times available...) or just one person take it on. Whatever works for folks.

I apologize to the folks that woke up this morning and made it up to the warehouse. Please make it a habit to check the blog the night before! I put this up well in advance so really everyone should have known.

OK. See you Sunday. I hope that everyone's practice is going well. More on that later.

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