Monday, July 13, 2009

Another 45 minutes

Here's a good one. And I think that with warmer days (and a timer) it should be no trouble at all getting warm enough for a few backbends. Backbends are definitely the type of pose that do not improve without attention and they also have a bit of a code for unlocking. One which can only become adept at when we give it the attention that it requires.

In many ways, bending backward is all about the breath. We need to let the breath really move so that we not only connect to the bigger energy that is actually moving us but on a physical level as well so that we may expand the inner body enough to have enough space to deeply take the head of the armbones back and curl the shoulderblades into the back of the heart. These are mighty actions that ask us to begin with enough spaciousness so that we can be free of pain and also go deeper in the bend.

Grab your timer...

Surya Namaskar A (5 min)
AMS (1 minute)
uttanasana (1 minute)
eka pada AMS (total 1 minute for both sides)
handstand (1 minute)
pincamayurasana (1 minute)

sirsasana (3-5 min)

standing poses (1 min ea side)
vira 1
parivritta parvokonasana

virasana and supta virasana (5 minutes)

10 minutes of backbends
pigeon prep with thigh stretch
lunge with thigh stretch
urdhva dhanurasna (3-5x)

halasana (with blankets and a lot of lift and extension through the spine
3-5 minutes)

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