Friday, July 3, 2009

Lovely Morning

What a lovely morning practice we had! I am just loving the energy of the early morning for asana. The light, the quality of the air, the fragrance of everything in bloom. It is really wonderful. I imagine drinking it all in and filling every reserve in my body that is every lacking the fresh vitality of this time of year. And my body is feeling great. For the first time in so long, it feels as though I am coming back into an old friend. Remembering some things and noticing and appreciating the changes of other parts. I am into it. It is all very rich.

I am also going crazy with the strawberries. I have processed 40 quarts so far and have another 10 in my fridge. Strawberries are not even my favorite berry. I like them in the season when they are fresh, but that is about it. But I am wanting to build confidence canning on my own, I have always only been someone's helper and I want to take the reigns and get proficient. So I am practicing on lots and lots of strawberries. Lots. In fact, I got home too late from a birthday party tonight to make any headway, but there is definitely canning on the agenda tomorrow. Fun.

So, practice on Sunday. Early. After the 4th of July. I am not sure what we are going to do yet. But it will be great.

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