Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3

The Advanced Intensive is officially over and tomorrow begins the Master Immersion. I have no photos to post tonight as it turns out we are not supposed to take pictures. Oops. Maybe not a bad thing as I have not quite figured out how to easily put up photos. Not so savvy with the technology. I know. It should be easy. And I suppose that it is. Just not yet. Spanda after all. But I will take other interesting photos. Like of people that I like with Maple. And of cactus.Today was really a good day. I was in Noah and Christina’s group for reviewing the stanzas today which was very interesting for me. They both think, and process information in a way that is so different from me and it is exciting where that can take me in my own interpretation and understanding. Also John gave us his translations and commentary on the Spanda Karikas and so far I enjoy the clarity of his presentation. Also given that this is the school that I am trained in, it makes sense that his interpretation would be one that resonates for me. John also lectured in the afternoon about the rasas as the full spectrum of emotion as they arise out of the 5 elements and relate to the doshas. Very cool.The asana was very fun. We did a lot of handstand and pinca variations and I worked a lot with Mary Kate who used to live in Prescott too. Her hubby and mine (both named Chris) used to work with each other at Kelly and Christina’s coffee shop, so that was neat. It is very fun to work with a capable partner and just really feel their support as you venture into some unfamiliar territory. And it is so fun for me to have new things to work on. I love that.Tonight Maple and Mom and I ate at Ghandis. One of my favorite Indian restaurants. We all enjoyed our meals immensely and I am scheming on how to get back there sometime during the week. That is one thing that I so wish that we had in Viroqua. Good Indian food. Yum.So some new folks arrive tomorrow, among them my great friend Rachel. I have known her from the beginning. She is also a Kapha goddess which I adore because it totally balances Christina and I out. Even though Christina and I love to practice with each other, my vata can aggravate her pitta and vice versa. So when Rachel arrives, we place her in between us and have a perfect tri-doshic sandwich. More tomorrow.

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