Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home groove

So things are plugging along here. My immune system is a little bit depressed after so much travel and a busy schedule so I am balancing my time between napping and getting ready for the studios spring transitions. Also, I am hosting my friend Tammy Limbach from Port Washington at the end of this week. She is a really fantastic yoga teacher and rolfer and she will be up to work on Chris and I and a few other folks. i am very excited about this. I am a pretty big believer in this work. I went through the 10 sessions about 4 years ago and it really fascilitated a dramatic shift in my life not to mention was a big part of helping me move out of chronic lower back pain (that and the sure-fire Universal Principles of Alignment, naturally). So, I am quite thrilled to offer Tammy to the community here. Who knows, maybe some peps will sign up for the 10 and we will have her on a regular basis. (Chris actually is going to do the 10, so if anyone is interested you should definitely let me know).

I taught this morning for the first time in about 2 weeks and it was great to see some of the regulars right back at it. We are only having class this week and next before we take a lengthy 3 week break to transition into sessions. So if you have been missing class you should definitely try to make it now before this long break.

I haven’t taken a break like this since I started teaching in Viroqua and it was actually not as hard as it has been in the past to jump back in to teaching. that probably had something to do with all of the learning that took place in Tucson, but truthfully I usually feel a little overwhelmed with information to offer anything with very much clarity right off the bat. I think that I really have this community to thank for the clear transition this morning. We are just building such a nice little yoga scene here, it is so fun to be a part of. And obviously there has been a lot of mindful community building in Viroqua long before I arrived on the scene, it is just really splendid to be a part of the community unfolding.

I actually filmed class this morning, and I think that it may be the best class that I have recorded to date. I got some fantastic feedback from John and some friends while in Tucson and i really feel more supported and clearer than ever. It is such an honor to even be in the process of certification with Anusara. No matter how many detours I have taken in the last 5 years, moving, getting married, having a baby, opening a studio, the Kula still really supports everyone (including me) and holds me up to the highest. And even though this process has been incredibly frustrating at times, I would so much rather continually strive to be the best Anusara Yoga teacher that I can be than have those standards lowered so that i can hang a certificate on the wall. Hopefully this is serving as a little pep talk to those of you beginning to humor the idea of walking down this path, because it is magnificent. Few other endeavors in my life have brought me so close to the edge of all of my crap and all the while held me in total Grace. I would not trade any of this for anything.

On a more family oriented personal note before I head off to bed: I took Maple back to the Dentist today to check out how the decay is in some of her teeth. (Many of you know of the adventure that has been Maple’s teeth). He said that they look great. There is a little bit of decay in the front bottoms but they are not soft and he said that whatever we are doing is definitely working so keep it up! There is so much joy in this for me. And I really want to acknowledge everyone who has supported us and guided us through this process. Including our family and friends and very specifically Dr. B, Dr. Funk, Dr. Scott (thank you Kathy O. for connecting me with him- he has really been the final link in the puzzle) and for the wisdom and clarity of Craig Williams who simply revealed the simple reality of dairy in Maple’s life (thank you Christina for leading me to him).

Its all yoga after all.


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