Sunday, February 24, 2008


It is so nice to arrive back in Viroqua on such a sunny day. It actually feels warm here which is kind of a surprise after spending the last week in the desert. It definitely snowed while we were away and I hear that more is on the way. The icicles coming off our roof are incredible!

So the last few days with the community were fantastic. The groove that you get into when you have a long stretch like that with John and a large chunk of the community is pretty much beyond words. But it is a palpable difference from how you feel on the 1st or even the 3rd day. In the Flow.

I feel very juiced up now and ready to share with the gang here. We have a lot of great things to look forward to in the coming months at Align with Nature. After taking a big break for most of March, we will start classes up again April 1st (roughly the same time that the website is formally launched!). When classes start up again we will have transitioned to a session format, which means that all classes will be a pre-registration format and will have a minimum of 10 students in each class. Drop-ins will still be available, but the majority of students will be registered for the entire session which will allow for a lot more progress to be made in each class. This is really exciting to me because it means that we will be able to establish a much deeper understanding for the Anusara Yoga method in each class, as each class will build upon the last.

Which is so fantastic considering that we are going to be hosting some fabulous guest teachers this summer! Christina Sell is coming June 20-22 to teach a weekend workshop and I just set a date with Darren Rhodes to teach August 22-24. We are so lucky because these are both nationally recognized Anusara teachers who frequently assist John in his workshops and to host them in Viroqua is truly incredible.

In fact, Anusara Yoga and John Friend are headlining the Estes Park Yoga Journal Convention this coming September, and both Christina and Darren will be teaching at that. This is basically going to be a 7 day celebration of Anusara, with all of our most prominent teachers, including asana, meditation, and philosophy gathered together to Light the Sky! (Light the Sky being the theme of the 2008 Merry Band tour). If any of you are at all inclined to head out that way, I support you all the way. I am hoping to be there for at least some of the week.

So, I can’t wait to see folks again this week in class. I learned so much that I look forward to sharing, but what I am mostly filled with and want to make offering of, is John’s Grace and that of the entire Kula. I am so fortunate to have something so beautiful to share and offer up in this sweet little corner of the world that we live in together. So thanks to each of you for always being so supportive and appreciative. I take a little bit of each of you when I go and truly it is you that I continue to learn the most from. Maha Blessings!

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