Friday, February 29, 2008

Late Night

I am amazingly done with my day, but wanted to put up a quick note on classes.

It was fun to see familiar faces at the Basics class last night. We really have not had that class for quite awhile but everyone jumped right back in with just as much enthusiasm and readiness as ever. Amy came to class again which is always good to see and she even brought her daughter Maddie which is so cool. We have a few mother-daughter combinations that come to the wednesday night class. That is so fun to see for me as yoga is something that I very joyfully share with my mom too.

That class worked primarily on shoulder loop in a variety of poses: lots of down dog, salabasana, uttanasana, vira 2 , prasarita padotannasana and supta padangustasana. We worked with the theme of creating an energetic matrix around your practice that supports what we work to cultivate on the mat when we are not even necessarily on the mat. This is something I have been thinking about a lot more lately that was really fueled by something that John said in Tucson and then Christina rephrased so beautifully in terms of creating the time and the space that supports your endeavor. This really makes me smile because on the very 1st piece of marketing material that i put out for Align with Nature almost 2 years ago I said that I wanted to create “a space to hold the energy, and an energy to hold the yoga”. Something like that.

This morning at 8:30 we did a nice vinyasa class moving in the direction of backbends with some nice stops on the way in Pinca prep, ardha chandrasana, vasistasana, and bakasana. We looked agian at the theme of Shraddha, or faith, because i was so inspired by Christina’s (of course - she is just so on fire right now it is hard to not be deeply affected) blog entry on how she has been working with this theme in classes this week. One thing that she wrote that really struck me is: ” We have to trust our help to help us get to the place where we trust ourselves and where we are actually trustworthy. True faith can bear questions, can bear scrutiny, can bear moments of doubt and uncertainty along the way. When our heart is placed optimally, then we are able to withstand the ups and downs that come our way in a life of practice.” To me this is really acknowledging to movement of faith as something so much more powerful than a projected sentiment or emotion, it has suddenly become purposeful and indeed of vital importance in our own dharma. If our ability to truly trust in ourselves is not being deepened through our practice, that it seems to me that we may be way off track.

Isn’t this fun? It is to me and hopefully to you too if you are reading these blogs. I just love that there is no end point at all, that the conversation is ever continuing and expanding. We may loop back around to something again, but it is never truly the same because it is always more. Chit Ananda.

My friend Tammy the Rolfer is here offering that work to some lucky folks in town. We have actually put together a very full schedule for her. She worked on 3 folks this afternoon, and will see 5 more people tomorrow. So she is busy and that is fun. Hopefully we will find time to practice together while she is here. Aside from being a fantastic body worker, she is also a talented Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher.

OK. Night, night.

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