Friday, March 7, 2008

Tranistion Time

Somehow the week passed me by and here we are at Thursday night and this is the first time that I have visited the blog. Hmmmhhh..

It has been a full week. We had our last classes in the old format, so we are now officially on sessions. April 1st, here we come! For those of you who have some more classes that you have paid for, we will adjust your registration payment accordingly. No problem. Some folks have expressed some distress at the slight shifts in time that appear on the new schedule. I really try to accommodate people’s needs, but sometimes they are very conflicting. I am hoping that after some initial adjustment everything will be fine, and even attract some more students. That would be lovely. And if the schedule really doesn’t work, then we will shift it for the next session. No big deal. Life is change and life is expansion and we really cannot help but do both. Yippie!

So Maple and I are off to the beach for 2 weeks. Do not hate me. But with a winter like we have had, it does not seem unreasonable to me that every Wisconsinite should get a free pass to some warm locale for at least a week. Soak up some sun and some much needed vitamin D. I heard a program on NPR the other day that said that those of us living in these northern latitudes are so vitamin D deficient that even after spending a summer outside in the sunshine, our levels are still deficient. Explains a lot really. So I am going to the beach. Don’t hate me. Oh, and if anyone has any great pictures of the tremendous snow that we have had, i would love to see them!

I arrive back on the 23rd and classes do not start up for another week. I will most likely schedule some group practices during that week. I will keep you posted. There is still great yoga to be had in the region though. Jamie Turner Allison is teaching in Madison this weekend at main street yoga. And looking ahead to the end of april, Amy Ipolliti will be hosted by Ali Certain in Minneapolis. We really are quite lucky when it comes down to it. We get to live in this tiny little corner of the world and still have access to some fantastic teachers.

If I get any cute shots of maple in the surf, I may have to post them. Stay tuned.

Lots of Love.

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