Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winter Wins

We are still in Wisconsin after leaving for the airport at 5am this morning. There was an isolated snow storm right over general mitchel, literally no where else. Literally. A plane actually slipped off the runway. After some initial resistance, we finally headed back to my moms where we are now hunkered down in preparation to do it all over again tomorrow. However, tomorrows flight is direct and we should be at the beach by 1pm. Hooray! Maple is somewhat sceptical about the whole thing. We have been pumping Flordia and the beach for so long, and seeing as we were actually on a plane for over an hour, she is pretty much convinced that gramma and mom have a screw loose and we are not going anywhere. Hopefully she is wrong…

I am very excited to do some fun bike riding and beach walking. After this long indoor season it seems an almost impossible option. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love winter activities, but it reaches the point for me where they have lost there luster and the confined inddor air has done a real number on my immune system. So I really cannot wait to get outside with my girl. Also this year I am much more equipped to practice than usual. Generally, I get into the humidity and am initially debiliated by the transition. All I want to do is long inversions and hip openers. So this year I am coming equipped with blankets and timer. Should be good. It is so nice when the sun is shining brightly to spend some nice deep time within.

Next time I write, we will be at the beach. For real!

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