Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Much

Time to wipe the dust off of the ol’ blog and get to it. However, this is a yoga blog and seeing as I have been on the beach with my family for the past 10 days, there is not much to write. We have been having a swell time. It has been so good to just be outside for the entire day, biking, looking for sea shells, splashing in the waves and playing in the sand. It feels really good. So good in fact that sometimes I feel the urge to seek shade indoors and I have to remind myself that it is still a very indoor time of year at home and that I had really better soak it up. It has been lovely to spend time with my mom and my sister. Chris was here for the weekend and that was really fun. We even went on a date. Whoa…. Maple is an absolute delight down here. Non- stop energy and play. And she is pretty much fearless around the ocean, which is both thrilling and unnerving for her mama. So that is the general update. Not much. There are however a few yoga happenings to stat looking forward to when I get back. There will be one more week of no classes before the spring sessions start up, which I am really excited about. I will be scheduling a few group practices during that week and hopefully over the weekend. (Chris is having his wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday of next week, so depending on how he is feeling there may or may not be a community practice over the weekend- or if anyone wants to offer some child care option for Maple we can go ahead and schedule a time now!) So do stay tuned as I will post dates and times asap. Also, at the end of April, Amy Ippoliti is in Minneapolis for a weekend workshop. This is highly recommended for everyone . It will be a good prep for the weekend with Christina that we are hosting in June. I will be heading up for at least the Friday sessions, and may be even coming back that night, if anyone is interested in tagging along with me. I cannot stay for the entire weekend as I head to Denver a week later to see John Friend. Speaking of Christina, do check out her blog right now as she is n Costa Rica with John at Pura Vida. Doing some very fun yoga and also participating in what sounds like very thrilling and expansive conversation. Everything from expanding the range of the spirals to Kundalini iconography. Yep, pretty cool. That is all for now folks. Love ya.

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