Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting Back

It has been great to have a break and now I am really getting ready for classes to start up again. I have been spending my time getting organized and planning the larger intention for each of the classes. We are going to start by just introducing (for some) and reviewing (for others) the Principles and also learning the yamas and the niyamas. Should be great fun for everyone. I am really thinking that this more organized approach is going to serve everyone quite nicely and bring us up to the next level. Pretty thrilling!

While I was in Milwaukee last weekend I was able to practice with my friend Tracy. We have not practiced together since long before she had her little baby girl Ava in January, so that was quite nice. It is always fun to practice with friends because it is really an opportunity to have the mirror held up for you. Sometimes you do not realize how much something has shifted until you are witnessed by someone else. I made it into the studio for a few hours yesterday afternoon and really had a nice practice. Had a bit of a breakthrough actually. I successfully did viparita chakrasana by myself, which is pretty outstanding considering that I wrote it off many years ago as something that I would never do. I had a little glimmer of the possibility of it at the Advanced Intensive in Tucson, and was finally deep enough in my practice yesterday to revisit that aha. Very cool. Viparita Chakrasana is when after having dropped from Sirsasana 1 to Viparita Dandasana, you spring back up to Headstand. Wow! Needless to say I am a little sore today.

I am not thinking that a community practice is in the stars for this week or weekend as Chris is now convalescing a bit after having his wisdom teeth pulled. But hopefully when we are all back in the swing next week, we will be able to schedule something for the following weekend.

I can’t wait to see everyone!

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