Saturday, March 8, 2008


We had a community practice this morning for the first time in over a month. Jessica and Kathy and myself were the only ones there, but we had a very lovely practice. I think that folks have been a little bit put off since I upped the time from 2 hours to 3 hours. I recognize that this is a long time to do asana for, and that it can be very challenging especially on a weekend to spend that large of a chunk away from our families. So here is my philosophy on why 3 hours trumps 2:

First of all, it often takes me a full hour to even get into the flow of my practice. My body is still getting warm and my heart and mind are still getting into it. By 2 hours I am usually really in the flow and to stop there I miss out on all of the really deep work of hour 3.

Secondly, when I can get in 1 practice of that duration during the week I am inevitably able to go deeper sooner on my other shorter practice days. Because it is hard to get away for a big chunk of time, really the rest of the week I am only practicing for one and a quarter to one and a half hours. I am very fortunate to have a spouse that really supports me in getting away for this larger amount of time on the weekend. But honestly, Chris knows that this means that it is much more fun to be around me the rest of the week and that I will not be practicing for such long stretches during the work week. (And he can leverage that into taking longer bike rides).

All that said, today my body actually had a much different plan than my head, which is always kind of interesting. You always have to honor the energy. Tammy worked on me yesterday before she left and then Jess and I did some very deep groin work. (I know, sounds very fun!). So the work that Tammy did has certainly been actively working in me since then, to really great effect. I just love the depth of opening that structural integration cultivates for me. It seems that everyone that I have spoken with also had a very deep experience with the work. So much so, that we are looking at the calendar to see when we can have her come up again. We will not have quite so many spaces available next time so that her and I can actually get in some more asana with one another, so if you are interested lets get your name on a list soon.

Speaking of names on a list, registration officially begins tomorrow so sign up for your classes. Remember, we need 10 folks for each class to run, so grab a friend and sign up! The schedule will be up on the board on Tuesday. I also have some beautiful new cards arriving this week from my very talented friend Becka Rhodee (She also put together a new ad for the Kickapoo Free Press which really looks awesome).

That is it for now. Maple and Chris and I are off to go watch Giddeon’s last hockey game of the season. And then it is grocery shopping and then tonight I have to do our taxes…. eeeek!

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