Monday, March 31, 2008

More to Come

So I have jumped back into my own practice after a little break and it has really been fantastic so far. I feel some momentum building, and that coupled with the sweet familiarity of breath and prayer through movement is just really beyond description. It is funny because when I try to describe it to Chris, who is in the fitness industry and is a very powerful athlete, he immediately goes into the whole you need to rest and rebuild concept that applies to sports and and exercise. And that makes sense, really it does, but to me yoga has always just seemed very different from all of those other pursuits and so the same principles do not seem to apply. But maybe they do. It is interesting because I can feel both stronger from the rest and yet really unable to touch certain postures or even actions that were flowing for me before I took the rest.

This is really just a tangent.

Saturday morning, Kae and I did a repeat performance of what Kristina and I worked on Wednesday, and that was fun. That sequence is so great (Desiree’s article from the most recent Yoga Journal- Noah is her model) and so effective and I was really happy to have such a solid warm up for some deep backbends. Not to mention some more practice on V. C.

This morning Kristina and Kathy joined me for a little while for a much more mellow time. Lots of hips, twists and inversions. Not so glamorous but very juicy and I hit up against some internal obstacles which I have to say I may love just as much as the breakthrough, mind blowing experiences because the obstacles always seem to point the way for me head. And generally speaking that way is always inside. The obstacle (I am really resisting using the word wall instead because, lets face it, it is just not that permanent) is generally sprung from some internal dialogue of lack or ineptitude. And the remedy, 9 times out of 10, is for a softer approach. One with more love, more compassion, and more breath. Prayer and meditation. So I love it, because for me it is yet another invitation to remember God, and Chit Ananda.

Classes begin on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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