Friday, January 16, 2009

The new update

Alright, so this was in many ways a very weird week. Beside the fact that it has been in the negative digits all week (we are talking highs in the negative digits), I have not practiced at all or done much of anything else for that matter. Despite feeling relatively rested and renewed after my week in the sun and 3 weeks with my little family, I pretty much got home and got the wind totally knocked out of me. I was doing OK until about Wednesday morning(and by OK I mean not doing anything other than showing up to teach 2 classes and then proceeding to put my legs up immediately following), and then I just went down. My back began to really ache and I started to have pretty regular contractions, not the major ones but definitely ones that commanded my attention. So Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much a wash in trying to get that under control, which thank to my amazing husband, midwife, and a whole arsenal of incredible herbs, I have. I am feeling very well today, like going for a walk (treadmill, I'm afraid...) and doing a light practice (think dog, uttanasana, supta virasana, and baddha konasana) might be on the radar.

So to anybody who showed up yesterday- even though I seriously doubt that anybody did with the temperature hitting a high of 10 below- I am very sorry that I was not able to make the space available yesterday for practice. I hope to have the practice this Sunday, and if things keep looking up the way that they are, we will.

Needless to say, we had a very small group on Wednesday morning but a really great class. We worked on taking the arm bones back evenly (inner deltoid, bottom tip of the shoulder blade, and outer elbow) and it went smashingly well. Everyone in class made some serious gains toward understanding the actions even more clearly and then really applying them consistently.

Because my practice is leaning very exclusively toward prenatal, I am brainstorming some ideas for folks who still want to be coming to the practice and need guidance in what to work on. One thought is that people could work off of some therapeutics sequences that I have that might be interesting to anyone working with a tweak. Just an idea. Let me know what you think. This Sunday will be led, however. Just very slowly. Think "Slow Yoga" much like "Slow Food"....

Desiree Rumbaugh is teaching this next weekend in Minneapolis which should be great fun. A whole big group from Viroqua rallied last January to make the trip up there for a great weekend of yoga. I am very sad to not go this year. I love Desiree and Ali Certain (Anusara Minneapolis) and would love to converge. Especially with a fantastic V-town showing. Oh well. I think that Des will be somewhere in the region later this spring and that might be a possibility. Anyhow, it is very cool to think that that was one year ago and to reflect on where everyone was in their practice then and where they are now. Much progress has been made.

That is all for now. The schedule for the next week is up. Time for a snack.

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