Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunny Florida

Not much to report on the yoga front. The beach, sun, and surf are great and unbelievably restorative. I have never been in warm weather this pregnant before and I have to say it is pretty great. (The flight here, not so great) It has been wonderful to be with my family, at the end of the week it will have been 3 straight weeks for Maple, Chris and I all together with no nights away. Chris is really helping work on some sleep issues with Maple which is really grand as my due date is less than 7 weeks away... I really felt like I went through a major threshold during the yoga spree as far as feeling hugely pregnant. I feel really pregnant now. Really pregnant. So, other than playing at the beach I have just been taking it slow and doing a ton of knitting. Love it!

The schedule is up for next week. No changes yet. My main focus when I get back will be to get promotional information going for Christina Sell's workshop in June. Other than that, I will be knitting and getting seeds together for the spring. (I am aiming for a whole new starts system which I am very excited about).

I have some great pictures which I will put up when I get home. I forgot my cord for my camera...

Maple turns 3 on Friday. My, my, my.

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Anne O'Connor said...

Happy Birthday, Maple! The beach sounds like heaven, Meg. Enjoy! Anne