Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Class Wednesday....

I am really sorry gang, but I am fighting off a sinus infection and it is really taking all I got. I am bummed to miss class tomorrow as it is our last scheduled class for quite some time. I hope to be in to practice on Thursday and Sunday mornings, but these will not be led practices as I can no longer subject everyone to my funny variation of yoga. (Thank you Hallie for doing the pre-natal yoga sequence with me again!)

Please do check back in here often as I will have all different sorts of news to report on. Such as, the arrival of the newest Newlin! And also when Sunday practices will start back up again (sometime in March?), and when the Friday morning class will begin (beginning of April?). On that note, it is looking like the later time meets people's fancy a bit more. That would be 9:30-11:15am.

I am also working out the details to the workshop that we are hosting with Christina Sell this summer. I will put that information up as I have it.

Anyhow, thanks everyone for being great and for being so patient with a near delirious pregnant yogi.

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mamakhaos said...

I missed monday!! I was under the impression we were done...I love you Meg, feel better, be well, call me to practice!!! Kae