Saturday, January 24, 2009

on and on...

I am slowly slipping off of the planet. Think: lots of knitting, lots of reading. Its pretty nice. I do not have much of a drive to leave my house. (However, all of my compulsive scheming goes on and on.) I am laying low. 36 weeks. And they say no 2 pregnancies are the same. This is a case in point. I was so much more active with Maple at this point. I was practicing still daily, walking and swimming several times a week. Now.... nothing. Minimal yoga and that is really it. And when I say minimal, I mean minimal. I did get the cold that Maple had, but really that just gave me an excuse. Alas.

So teaching is really wearing me out, and I keep saying that I will teach just one more week of class, but then I think about just sitting around and waiting for a baby and that doesn't sound very good at all. So as of right now, I really do not know. We will have class this next week. And then I will probably just decide what to do from there.

I am going to be at the studio tomorrow from 9-11. I am not sure what this will mean. My intention is to do some asana, but it may be utterly basic so I am not ruling out talking anyone who shows up through a sequence. We shall see.

Lots of love. The outlook for next week is up on the right.

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