Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cold, again

Not too much to write about. Except, that I have another stinkin' cold! Which is, I guess at this point life proceeding ahead as usual. Oh Well. After a fantastic class this morning I headed over to the coffee depot with Jess and Hallie made beautiful lattes for us. (Kelly, you would be proud). Big, bright, milky hearts. I, however, proceeded to blow quite a bit of coffee out of my nose, which is really not pretty or recommended but actually led to about an hour of the most clear sinus' that I have had in awhile.

Side note on Caffienne and Pregnancy and Caffienne and Me in general: In my normal day to day reality, a cup of green tea or black tea is PLENTY to sufficiently fire me up. I really have not been a big coffee drinker since about 2004 when I realized that the huge existential crisis and ensuing incessant therapy may have all been caused by the VAT of coffee that I was consuming each morning. (Not to say that I did not at the time need all of the said therapy, and still benefit from it, and would in fact love to find a therapist now that is as powerful for me as my therapist at that time was, but I digress.) So I have not been a coffee drinker for awhile, and I certainly did not drink caffienne of any sort when I was pregnant with Maple. But mind you, I was also napping frequently and on average probably sleeping 13 or 14 hours in a 24 hour period. Rough, I know. I did take a brief foray into the joys of coffee when Maple was about 8 months old and I remembered for the first time since her birth what it felt like to be rested, as artificial as that was... It didn't last long however, because as anyone who knows would testify to, I am way to vata to behave like that and not have it seriously fry me and dry me out.

This pregnancy is a different story. I see a latte and I think "bring it on". The 7 or 8 hours of interupted sleep that I now get doesn't even begin to make a dent in the deficit that I have going. So I need all the artificial help that I can get. (You can also refer back to yesterdays entry on my general lack of sensitivity and catch up). Even though, if you are really paying attention, there is a very strong argument here for the increased depletion that I am creating through my behavior and how if I would just take the appropriate meassures I could most likely create some restoration for myself now. This is indeed valid and actually true. But I don't really want to hear it. I want to drink the latte for now and complain a little bit. Even though I would like to go with out the continual cold.... Paradoxical, isn't it?

We did aprroximately 11 poses today working deeply on our way toward lotus. Intense inner thigh work. Quaking inner thigh work. The theme was unfolding the lotus flower of self-honor in each of our own hearts. I have actually been working with the ideas a lot lately in class and in my own contemplation that self-love and self-honor are actually the means by which we stabalize our sensitivity. We can protect ourselves from being thrown off by how much we pick up on by actually putting on a coat of light, of self-honor and self-love. In this way, we remain very receptive and fluid and in the world, and never waiver out of the Love within our own hearts. This is a big one. It can continue on and on. Even if you have a latte you are still lovable. Whoa.

For anyone that is interested in the sequence, I think that it went something like this. Remember: hug in to tone the inner thigh, and then from there thighs back and wide. Then tailbone action.

-Dog pose
-Parsvakonasana (arm to the inside)
-Uttanansana (manual shins in)
-lunge, back knee down (recreate scissor action in the legs)
-Dog pose
-pigeon prep 2x
-Dog pose
-janu sirsasana
-uppavista konasana
-parsva uppavista
-baby cradle (deep inner spiral 1st)
-bharadvajasana 2

Led practice tomarrow 9-11. What fun! I will post the Holiday Yoga Spree Schedule tomorrow.
Sleep well!

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ORPHINK said...

Luv, luv, LUV the inner thigh work. Keep bringing it on!