Wednesday, November 12, 2008

foggy night

There is not much to say this evening. Chris is on the road, Gramma left today after a short visit, and Maple is weaving a yarn about something that happened to her tights. Very interesting.

Speaking of yarn, I am a little obsessed with a number of the knitting projects that I have going. Yes, there is more than one, which until very recently was very unlike me. My mom actually got a little gushy about it and said something along the lines of "Oh Meg! You're a real knitter now!" Anyway, I am a little preoccupied. For anyone who is interested, I am working on a beautiful shawl that is a grapevine lace pattern, beautiful, soft and gray. I am making Maple a cozy pair of mittens. And I am trying to finish a pair of socks that I started for Chris I think when I was pregnant with Maple. But, on the horizon..... I am looking forward to a really sweet jumper that I want to make for Maple, along with a wrap skirt. They look pretty simple and very fun. And my friend Erika has a very sweet pattern for a pair of baby pants that her little freshie Zelda has been sporting and with I am eyeing for my little guy. At this rate it looks like it will be a very yarn filled winter. (For those of you that do not know, My mother owns a fantastic yarn store in Delafield, Wisconsin called the Knitch. Which, as Erika says, if you like knitting is like being a kid and having your parent own a candy store. Pretty much.)

I did a private yesterday with my friends son which was such a delight. He is a very aware fella, and has been doing Tae Kwon Do for awhile so just really loves movement and being in his body. At any rate, it was so fun that I am thinking about offering 2 classes for kids 10-16 or so during the Christmas break. Probably in that week between Christmas and New Years. Also, I would like to do our own little holiday intensive at Align with Nature. 3 or 4 days in a row getting together for a 3 hour practice. 10 bucks a pop or $20 for all 3 (or $30 for all 4 as the case may be...) I really love something like this around the holidays. It helps keep everything grounded and in perspective.

I had a great practice yesterday afternoon. I pulled out the old practice sheets from Desiree and went through all of the standing poses and then just finished up with some hip openers, supta virasana, sirsasana and setu bandha. Oddly enough, headstand and shoulderstand, which felt so fantastic during my first pregnancy are not so great this time around. It is a tough one for my personality because I kind of just want to break em down and figure out what is going on. That is kind of the opposite from what pre natal intuition guides someone toward. So I am letting it lie for now and checking back in every so often.

In this mornings class I taught that same series of standing poses and worked with the theme of developing a deeper strength. This works really well with an intense sequence of standing poses, especially when you get the timer involved. Everyone is getting so strong and all looked exceptionally glowy on their way out. Nothing like a little hard work to clear the mind.

Ok. Looks like our kitcheree is ready. We are getting into quite a habit of the Monday night Kitcheree. I am pretty lucky to have a little girl that just eats it up. Throw in some fresh local veggies and we're all set.

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