Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday AM practice

I am planning to have some more community practice times scheduled in the next few months. These will hopefully fall on a somewhat regular schedule, but could also be random at times. I will do my best to let folks know in class, but really, the best bet will be to check here from time to time and get the exact info. No, this is not simply a ploy for you to be actually reading this blog (which, I admit, has been a little lacking in substance as of late), but it also helps me having to deal with the phone and leaving messages and calling everyone back. One blog. One place to check. Much easier.

So there. Tomorrow morning, 9am to sometime between 11 and noon. Depending on how quickly we work through what I want to do. I am not exactly quickly moving these days. Alas. It should be great. Good company and a morning well spent in the body. Hope to see you there.


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