Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Day!   I am much recovered from the dread stomach bug that had the better of me Sunday and Monday and am enjoying a lovely day with family and friends.  I woke up early and went over to my friend Tracy's house to practice and talk about parenting and of course, yoga.  It was a great way to start the gratitude flowing with Trace.  We have shared a lot of similar experiences in the past 4 years.   Zeal for yoga and many, many hours together on the mat, three pregnancies (almost),  the joy and at times overwhelm in the face of mothering.  It goes on and on.  I love her.  Not to mention that Ava is one of the cutest and happy babies ever.  So I love seeing her and for some reason I can never manage to leave Tracy's house without consuming some kind of baked good.  Today was a gingerbread cookie.  I am not complaining.  

We are headed into Milwaukee in a little bit for Dinner with my Aunt Sally and Uncle Slava and some of their adult brood.    Good company and good eats.  Slava (or Uncle Frosty)  is a fantastic cook so it is always a treat to head down there.    Tomorrow we will go down to Chicago for the day to visit with Chris' brothers family, including the new young Gilly.  

We will be home on Saturday and I am scheduling a community practice for Sunday morning 9-noon.  We have to do our big gratitude practice because we missed last Monday night due to another illness by me....  So, hope to see folks there for some great post feast yoga.

More later.

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