Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The adventures of Yoga and Parenting....

For those who may read this blog who could care less about the whole "mom" thing, just do not even read this morning. It is too predictable and sad.

Everyone else, misery loves company, and even mama's who practice yoga have a very tough time being good mama's.

I was so jazzed up after last nights class. We worked toward eka pada raja kapotasana 1 and everyone, everyone, went deeper than ever before! It was awesome and full of seasonal cheer. 3 folks were on their new mats and wow! are they ever huge. It was a total blast for me and I think that others had fun too. In fact I had so much fun that we are going to doa group practice tomorrow morning (christmas eve) from 8-10am. Yippie!

So I got home around 8, Maple was asleep and Chris was ready to hang. So we watched a movie until around 11:30 and i made a lot of headway on a gift that I am knitting (which I have since realized that I need to take all of the way back to where I started last night..... Knitters, I know, this is utterly tragic!) We went to bed after a brief wake up from Maple at around midnight and then slept wonderfully until around 2 am at which time Maple woke up. Woke Up! And we have more or less pleaded, begged, scolded, and been awake since then. Maybe a brief and fitfull snooze between 5 and 7am. Wow!

So needless to say, I feel completely hungover this morning and rest does not look like it will play a big part of this elf's day. And I have to go back about 30 rows. hmmhhh. the only potential good thing that has come out of this is that Chris has now experienced what a "typical" Wednesday night is like and is now on board with me and my drastic measure campaign. That and I really need to put a call in to Dr. B and see if there is a remedy that will help her. And try eurythmy again.

Anyhow. More snow is in the forecast. Practice tomorrow at 8am. It will be the perfect elfin delight.

Pray for an easy naptime....

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