Sunday, December 21, 2008


Only 3 of us made it out to practice this morning. But seeing as it was well below zero this morning, no one can really be blamed. I was going to take a picture of the studio from outside and try to capture how cold it is, but I was way too scared to take my mittens off.

Several people called this morning to see if the heat was going to be on in the Landmark Center, which is kind of funny to think that the furnace would not be running when it is this cold outside. But, the furnace has broken before, so who really knows. Anyhow, the heat was running the entire time that we were there and that was good. So much draft comes off the windows that the heat really does need to run all of the time. Interestingly enough, it looks like the Grace Church did not meet today, bu the sidewalk was shoveled.....

We did a nice deep hip opening sequence, much like what we did on Wednesday. Only because we had so much more time we were able to work some hip opening upside down and then end with a few backbends. It had a whole Solstice theme to it: turn deeply inside (hip-openers) but also remember the light and its return (backbends). Lydia was on her new mat and that was fun to see. It is huge! I think that everyone has theirs now so it will be fun to see them in the studio.

I came home after picking up a few essentials at the co-op and then (for those of you that know about the current parenting challenges happening at the Newlin household) was able to put Maple down for a nap with relatively little thrashing. And she slept for over 2 hours! And of course now she is an absolutely well rested delight! She is organizing some mousey bike races right now....

Chris said to me this morning before I left (and after he lovingly got out the snow blower in the frigid cold and cleared off the driveway and then fed the goats and chickens) that on days when I go in to practice that my whole demeaner and attitude are completely different. I believe the quote is: "you are just a better person. We need to find a way for you to practice everyday." Ha! Wouldn't that be nice? This is not exactly new information for Chris. The first 2 1/2 years that we were together I generally practiced 6 days a week and we both understood how important that was for my psychological wellbeing. Over time, you can forget I guess. I haven't though. I could do a much better job finding windows of time for sitting at home, but since I have been pregnant, sleep in those moments seems much more appealing. Hmmhhhh. At any rate, it is lovely to get feedback that lets you know that the practice is really working.

I think that tomorrow night we will be doing some backbends. Working toward eprk 1. It is a drop in and I hope to see folks there. Maybe it will be a little warmer out? Oh yes, and after the practice next Sunday- the 1st of 3 yoga spree days- I think that we will have a little post-practice picnic.

Loads of Love. Happy Solstice.

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