Sunday, December 7, 2008

no heat

Well we had a lovely practice despite the fact that the heat did not go on until after 11. hmmmhhhh.. Just when I think that I have it figured out. It is pretty hard to get it going when it is only 60 degrees. And I have the advantage of an internal heater. We all put layers on to do shoulderstand. Questionable. However, during shoulderstand, and some fun variations that we worked on including dropping over into setubandha, the heat kicked on and we started to warm up enough to do some really nice backbends. 31 poses in all, with quite a few repeats. It felt great and inversions felt better to me than they have in many months.

After savasana, the ladies brough in some yummy food and we had a little post practice birthday picnic. Nothing better really. Good company, good yoga, and good food. It is really a recipe for success.

Maple, Chris and I picked up our tree this afternoon out at Snowy Ridge and we are making pizza and getting ready to decorate. All in all a great day. later tonight if all goes well, Chris and I may reformat the blog so that the schedule will always be updated as the next few months are going to be dynamic to say the least.

Lots of love and good cheer. Have a cuppa cocoa.

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