Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I just finished a fantastic mug of cocoa and am now enjoying post snow play, pre dinner relaxation.  We all had a great day and it was very sweet to spend the day in the fullness of Maple's wonder.  This was the first year where Santa really played a role for her and was a real idea and it was both very confusing (mostly for me) and also very sweet.  I have never really felt very connected to Santa in my adult life and was very conflicted about what role I wanted him to play with my kiddies.  And now, I still don't know, but I have decided in the non-knowing to just surrender.  I don't know what to do.  So Santa comes in the night and fills stockings.

Practice yesterday morning was fantastic for me and I was happy that people had expressed enough interest in coming that I worked it into our schedule.  In fact, it was such a good practice for me that I really did not even mind that the majority of the people who said they were going to be there were not.  With all of the snow, and all of the last minute elf work to be done, it is pretty understandable.  

 But I had an awesome practice and I was psyched.  I did a sequence that Christina gave me a long time ago that I have to change a bit for the big pregnant belly, but it still just feels so good to me.  Close to the end you do Bharadvajasana 2 3x and it is just so deep for me.  It is by far my favorite pose this pregnancy.  It is a crazy delight!   I was trying to think if there was a pose that I really loved when I was pregnant with Maple, and I really did a more limited amount of postures, but I think that it must have been Sarvangasana.  Which is so interesting to me because as I do a much wider array of postures than I did then, I never practice shoulder stand as it really does not feel good to me at all.  That and I am already so much bigger than I was at this point with Maple that moving in and out of Shoulderstand is pretty uncomfortable.

It is all pretty interesting to me.   Anyhow, it looks like the holiday yoga spree is going to be fun.  It would be a great idea for people to try to get to the studio about 10 minutes early so that we can begin on time.  I think that on Sunday it is safe to plan on working toward backbends.  So come prepared.  Bring water.  And on Sunday we are going to have a little post practice studio picnic, so please bring something to pass.

Lots of love.  Merry Christmas!

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