Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Yoga Spree: Day 3

Well. I am pooped. To say the least. And last night was a night of no sleep at the Newlin house. Oh well. We did however, have a great practice this morning. The heat was raging as it has been all week, and for once I think that we all thought that it was a bit much. How about that for a difference?

It was just 4 of us today. Lydia joined Ann, Kristina, and myself. Both Anne and Kristina have been there each day and it has been very cool to watch the journey that both have made through the experience. Ann keeps having breakthrough after breakthrough. And Kristina, who is 5 months pregnant by the way (is this a pre-natal event or what? Today the preggos were 50% of the crowd...), and she is just making some serious gains in her upper back awareness and openness. Very fun to see.

We, of course had to conclude our time together with yet another picnic provided exclusively by Ann this time. What a treat and very yummy! It makes a real difference to get done with a 3 hour practice and not wait and hour to eat. I am really into immediate gratification as you may know. So, at any rate, the picnic is awesome and if the holiday spree becomes a tradition, that will hopefully continue as well.

There is some talk about having a practice on new years day. Most likely a little under 2 hours, and late morning? I'm not sure so please weigh in here if you are interested. Otherwise, I will not being see you until a week from Monday, the 12th I think. I will be posting the schedule in the column to the right in 2 week chunks so that I can see how I am feeling and not plan too far ahead. It should not vary much from Mondays at 6pm, Wednesdays 9am, Thursday practice at 9am, and Sunday practice at 9am as well.

OK, sorry about the strictly logistical post. I am wiped out and am at a pretty low level of functionality. Thanks everyone for the last few days. It was a blast. Thanks a lot to my family, Chris and Maple for supporting the event.

Here are a few photos and the sequence.

Pinca Mayurasana
Standing Marichyasana
Pada Hastasana
Trikonasana 2x
Parsvakonasana 2x
Vira 1
Vira 2
Ardha Chandrasana
Ardha Chandra Chapasana
Parsvottanasana 2x
Prasarita Padottanasana
Vasistasana with leg in tree
Utthita Hasta Padangustasana prep
Vasistasana prep
Utthita Hasta Padangustasana
Vasistasana- full pose
Supta virasana
Eka pada supta virasana
Gomukasana arms 2x
Pinca backbend prep
Anjaneyasana with quad stretch 3x
Eka pada setubandha
Urdhva Dhanurasana 5x
Down Dog
Baddha Konasana
Parsva Uppavista Konasana
Bharadvajasana 2x
Pascimottanasana 2x

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mamakhaos said...

YES, yes!! If you are up for it, I will come...sooo stiff and sore. Happy 2009!