Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Yoga Spree: Day 1

We had an intimate little turn out for our first day. Impressive none the less given last nights crazy ice storm. Kathy O'Rourke, Anne O'Connor, Kae, Kristina, Hallie and myself. The heat was raging the entire time which was helpful. I think that we have really hit the nail on the head in terms of when the furnace is going or not. 9am to noon, good time for heat. So we had a backbend emphasis and took our time with a number of poses which I thought was great. ( When I mentioned that tomorrow we will be working on hips, someone asked if we hadn't been doing hips today, and I thought that was really interesting because I have such a skewed perspective right now. It is hard to tell what is pregnancy induced and what is just what I am enjoying in practice. And one thing that I am definitely enjoying right now is to open the hips a lot for backbends.) I also usually way over plan for any allotted practice time and often wind up feeling rushed and like it would have been nice to take a little bit more time with certain poses. Last night as I was putting the seqeunce together I was astonished to find that I had about 15 less poses that I normally would plan on for a 3 hour practice. And yet, it really was the right ammount. We were able to take our time and check out certain poses for a longer time and I still felt like I had a great practice. Who knows. I am indeed a crazy pregnant lady some things are hard to tell.

I asked folks to think about any poses that they are looking toward doing for the new year. Project poses so to speak. Mine, which are all post baby, naturally, are any of the leg behind the head postures and also I would very much like to be working on Viparitta Chakrasana by the end of the year. I had spent about 4 months working on that pose before conception so it would be nice to pick up on that again sometime in the next year. (And please do not worry folks, I am actually pretty conservative even if it may at times not seem so. I never go into pain or even into "off" sensation. Never. In fact, I have mapped out a game plan for the rest of my pregnancy that is actually a bit more conservative than I am actually feeling. It involves about 3 weeks of very mellow restoratives at the end....) So, please do share your resolution poses with me and I will be glad to help support the endeavor. For the studio, I really want to work on lotus- we already have a great start= so that we can begin to work on pose variations in lotus. What fun!

So here is the sequence from tofay and also a few pics of people's eprk work. Enjoy!




Trikonasana 2x

Parsvakonasana 2x


Vira 1

Ardha Chandarasana, Vira 3, Vrksasana

Prasaritta Padottanasana

Prasaritta to Sirsasana 2

Pigeon prep

Pigeon with back leg in ardha bhekasana

Hanumanasana 2-3x




Pinca Mayurasana

Pigeon prep


Parsva Dhanurasana

Ustrasana 3x


Eka Pada Setubandha

Chatush Pandasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana 3-4x

Eprk prep

Eprk 1 w/ partners


Parsva uttanasana



Janu sirsasana

Baddha Konasana

Bharadvajasana 3x

Wide pascimottanasana 2x


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mamakhaos said...

MMMM....3 hours of yoga is better than two. Super enjoyed class today and felt really centered and sweet afterward. Thanks.
Looking at the photos is good, upper looks good, that sliding mat shows me a little more rooting down is necessary...yes? Working that ankle perhaps. Joy!