Saturday, December 6, 2008


9 am practice! manana! weeee! Yippee! See you there!
Quite a few people have asked if we are going to do the requisite amount of salutations. We are not. I am not sure yet, but I am thinking 31 poses with many repeats. I am looking forward to it. It has been a week away from my mat so I am really looking forward to this starting a different tendency for next week. That and I hope to actually secure some child care for next week so that I can make it into the studio.

So the snow is flying in Viroqua which is so beautiful, and among many other things it means some potentially cold times in the studio. Alas. This is a reality that every winter drives me crazy and I always hope that this will be the final year. The really great news however, is that the Grace Church meets upstairs on Sunday mornings and the heat is raging for the Sunday AM practice. Hallelujah! Sundays are going to be on the schedule for the forseeable future (except for right after the new year when I will be in Florida. Yes, I know, poor me). They may most likely be the first thing to return after the arrival of babe. OK, lots of love.

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